What do you need to know before you’re ready to print?

  • Colour

Have fun with your design, you can print as many colours as you like when using digital printing. It’s designed so that you can achieve photo quality detail so there should be no restriction on the colours you use, just have fun!

  • Fabrics

We will rarely recommend a fabric to use; when it comes to most projects the selection of fabric is largely a matter of taste. For instance, we have designers who are printing silk scarves on every one of our silk options; similarly all of our cottons and linens have been used for garments, curtains and the thicker options for home ware. So it really is entirely up to you and the end result you want to achieve, taking into consideration your cost and margins.

  • Cost

At SMR INDIA, we like to keep things simple, so we have one price per meter with no added extras. However, we do charge Studio charges in the case of color matching or if additional work is required to develop a particular artwork.

  • File standards

As a rule, files should be sent to us in RGB format, between 150 – 300 DPI , and saved as .tiff or .Jpegs at the correct scale and orientation that it needs to be printed on.